Augmented reality
by two passionate


Who is Coding Ar/VR ?

Two enthusiasts of innovative technologies which create mobile apps in augmented reality that goes with the actual needs.

Fly2AR basement

This platform brings together specialized software components and scalable capable of managing the different aspects of our current and future applications: this is a interoperable solution without the constraint of publisher licenses.

Les premières

Les Premières Incubator

The Premieres support women and mixed teams in the creation of their innovative companies. It is a growth activator that relies on the economic potential of women to create value and sustainable employment.

Two mobile apps

AR Around Me

Respect the social distanciation and fight against Covid-19.

Easy and useful :

1. Measure the distance between you and the others

2. Step away if needed

AR AroundMe was on Europe 1 !


Protect yourself :

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AR AroundMe Demo

AR Deco Picture

Redecorate your indoor by adding virtualy your favorite objects.

It's easy :

Capture the object 1.

Drag it where you want 2.

Reinvent your indoor :

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AR Deco Picture Demo Step 1 AR Deco Picture Demo Step 2

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